SRJC alum Peltz The Prodigy mourns and reflects on inspiring new album “Lessons from Losses”


Courtesy Jonah Pelter

SRJC alum Peltz The Prodigy’s mournful yet inspirational solo debut “Lessons from Losses” is full of vulnerable, low-key bangers.

Tucker Lang, Editor

“Lessons from Losses” is a personal hip-hop diary detailing the darkest and brightest corners of a young man dealing with the heartache of losing his father, and the necessary positives and negatives in coping. 

Peltz, 24, is a Santa Rosa Junior College graduate who studied communications and graduated in 2020.

Music has always been a part of Peltz’s life. As a kid, his sister burnt him a CD of OutKast, Jay-Z and Ice Cube, which sparked his love of hip-hop. He wrote poetry growing up, and he began freestyling and honing his rap skills in high school. He proceeded to make music with friend and fellow rapper PB, making fun and classy rap tracks.

Comparatively, Peltz The Prodigy’s first solo record “Lessons from Losses” is much more stripped back, forlorn and introspective. Peltz reflects on the pains of losing his father at such a young age on nearly all eight songs.

“I’ve always enjoyed hip-hop that’s vulnerable. Like, just don’t be afraid to feel that shit,” Peltz said.

Songs like “Constellations” show Peltz unveiling coping mechanisms and being vulnerable in his lyrics. Peltz raps, “No more tough guy shit, I’ll see my therapist, I’ll be a fool to cut my wrist.” As he rides over a crisp but haunting beat, Peltz advocates for self-help and confronting your emotions head-on. 

“All My Life” finds Peltz turning his anguish into self-empowerment and expressing how his past problems seem small now that he has gone through a tragic life-changing loss. While very personal, “All My Life” succeeds at being a low-key track with a solid hook and great relatable messages.

With features from local artists Marelle, J. Lately and Yungstud, “Lessons from Losses” also expresses deep Bay Area love, as well as the power of working with people who inspire you. Peltz either finds instrumentals from free sites or videos online, or he collaborates with local producers to make his lyrics come to life. 

“I’ve learned to take care of my mental and spiritual side. I believe God has a purpose for me, and I hope everyone else can find theirs too,” Peltz said. 

“Lessons from Losses” is a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions with slick flows, tight production and an endearing sense of passion from Peltz himself. A truly personal and inspiring project from an SRJC alumni who’s only getting started.