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Noble Folk: A noble inclusion to downtown Santa Rosa

Abraham Fuentes
Noble Folk opened a new location in downtown Santa Rosa, serving ice cream and pie.

Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar opened its new location in the heart of Santa Rosa on Fourth Street. With the town square consisting of bars and cafés, the addition of Noble Folk was something downtown Santa Rosa didn’t know it needed.

Noble Folk is located at 539 Fourth St., making it the only ice cream parlor in the downtown area.

But there’s more than just ice cream. Diverse menu options offer pie, cake, soft serve and matcha-based drinks. Noble Folk has its own matcha bar with flavors ranging from raspberry lime to traditional matcha tea.

Matcha is a recurring theme; soft serve ice cream is offered in vanilla and matcha, which is just as delightful as it sounds. A great addition to any ice cream is the waffle cone, which costs extra, but the $1 more is worth the splurge.

But enough about the ice cream.

Pie is the first thing presented once entering the doors. The strawberry streusel pie with a streusel topping and the chocolate, maple walnut pie catch the eye once inside. Noble Folk also has a selection of cookies and cake slices, but the pies steal the show.

The pies, though not having tried them all, so far have been delightful. With buttery, flakey crusts and creamy fillings, they have all the foundations for making a great pie.

The cookies are decadent with delicious dark chocolate that melts in the mouth, despite their burnt appearance.

The shop itself is small; however, the ceiling is high and the walls are painted white, making for a pleasant setting that can seat about six to 10 guests.

The only off-putting aspect of the experience is one piece of the decor. The shop is designed in a wood, white and gold theme, but there is a blue cloth hiding the employee entrance that feels out of place. This could be nitpicking — and it kind of is.

But the main reason to visit Noble Folk is not to focus on the design but on the sweet treats. Noble Folk is definitely worth visiting on a “treat yourself” kind of day — or days.

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Edgar Soria Garcia
Edgar Soria Garcia, Magazine Editor
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Abraham Fuentes
Abraham Fuentes, Staff Writer
Abraham Fuentes is a Writer and photographer at the Oak Leaf News going into his 3 third semester. He will be transferring in 2020 fall Semester.

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