Games to look out for in October

Kirk Tietsort, Staff Writer

Mega Man 11 – Release Date 10/2

The classic franchise returns with its precise platforming and tight controls, where we see Mega Man, once again, going through different stages of battling evil robots. However, a new mechanic known as the “Double Gear System” was added to mix up the traditional gameplay. This system allows Mega Man to either power up his Mega Buster or slow down time. Each of these effects only last a short time to prevent players from relying on them. They have also changed the look of the franchise. Instead of retro visuals, they have updated to new 3D models. Veterans of the series have something new to sink their teeth into and new players will be drawn to the game for the new look and power-ups.


Super Mario Party – Release Date 10/5

Mario Party makes its return exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. This new installment features classic tropes of the series such as moving your character around a board with dice and playing mini games, but this Mario Party may be the most successful yet due to the Nintendo Switch’s handheld accessibility. The new game will feature more variety and strategy. For example, in Super mario party, the player gets two dice instead of one and the player gets to pick between the two. One of the dice is a six sided die but the other is character specific that has different pros and cons. This feature adds more relevance to character choice which in previous titles was not important and was more cosmetic than functional. It also adds more strategy to an otherwise luck based part of the game. Furthermore, Nintendo is adding in three new game modes in hopes of boosting the replay value which is needed in a series with limited content.


Dark Souls: Remastered [Switch] – Release Date 10/19

Dark Souls: Remastered already came out in May of this year but the Nintendo Switch release was delayed until October, which seems likely to be the best version of the game. Dark Souls is known for its unforgiving difficulty and extremely satisfying combat which rewards smart, strategic players and punishes players who mindlessly rush into combat. Even experienced players can engage in a seemingly easy battle and be killed because they underestimated the enemy. Every encounter has the potential to be deadly, which is why the game is so rewarding. Overcoming the difficulty and crafting a character using the wide variety of weapons and equipment available creates one of the most unique video game experiences of the past decade. Since it’s being released for the the Nintendo Switch, you can play Dark Souls anywhere. There is no better place to start the series for new players, and returning players can finally live out their dream of playing Dark Souls on the go.


My Hero One’s Justice – Release Date 10/26

Based on the popular anime My Hero Academia, My Hero One’s Justice features heroes battling villains using special abilities known as quirks. It’s a 3D fighting game with pretty standard mechanics. The characters have basic attacks, combos and a meter that builds up and lets them unleash special moves. The game features a sidekick system which allows players to choose two additional characters in addition to your main character. These sidekicks can be summoned during battle for attacks that can help extend combos. It’s not going to be the most technical fighting game, but the real appeal comes from the characters, the world and the story. Fans of the show will be delighted to take control of their favorite characters and become immersed in a world where 80 percent of the population has a super power. It will be especially interesting to see how characters who would never battle in the show battle in the game.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Release Date 10/26

The long awaited sequel to Rockstar’s smash hit releases this month and will likely live up to the hype. It is expected to be very similar to the first Red Dead Redemption in terms of gameplay, but this game will be much larger in terms of content and the open-world terrain than the first. Expect all the shooting, horse riding, gambling and outlawing of the first game times 20. The story is a prequel to the first game. The protagonist from that game, John Marston, will be in it but you will play as an outlaw, Arthur Morgan. Rockstar is adding a lot of quirky mechanics the player needs to pay attention to. For example, your gun can jam if you don’t clean it properly and you have to take care of your character. You must bathe him and clean his clothes regularly or else people may refuse to talk to him in the game. Expect to have a good time living the quirky reality of cowboy life that Rockstar has so carefully curated.