On Tap: Mosaic Hops and Mango Juice Come Together in Perfect Harmony


Taylor Marek Seprish

Mozango pairs well with desserts and heavy comfort food.

Taylor Marek Seprish, A&E Editor

What I feared might taste like a mix of Santa Cruz brand apricot mango juice and Lagunitas classic IPA, Mozango turned out to be the ideal blend of fruity, earthy and hoppy.

The last few releases from Lagunitas have been hit-and-miss for me. “Cherry Jane” tasted like a dry, bitter cherry-flavored cider, rather than a sour ale. Yet the appeal is understandable. Super Cluster was more tolerable, but the bitterness was overpowering for my taste.

However, both Citrusinensis and Sumpin’ Easy have frequented my cooler all summer.

When I heard the specifics of the Mozango release, I was hesitant to try it. First, it was only available in a bomber size, so if I didn’t like it, then I’d have 21 oz. of beer left to deal with. Second, it’s brewed with Mosaic hops, which I’m not familiar with, but have been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few years.

However, the sound of incorporating mango juice with beer peaked my interest. I was deliciously surprised.

With a surprisingly subtle 7.7 percent ABV, this beer tastes as light as Sierra Nevada’s classic Pale Ale. One bottle should be more than enough to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

Mozango is a careful blend of flavors that will rouse your taste buds, each one distinguishing itself from the others, yet remaining cohesive.

Sip for sip, the flavors hit your tongue one by one, and integrate by the time you swallow. The initial flavor is fruity, naturally, and then progresses to a smooth, earthy taste. Finally the floral, almost tropical notes bring it all together. By the time you realize that what you’re consuming is an almost 8 percent ABV beer, you’ll already be finished- and probably a little tipsy.

This combination of flavors is largely due to the use of mosaic hops.

“We made this beer to highlight two of our favorite flavors, mosaic hops and mangos. Mosaic hops provide a plethora of flavors, hence the mosaic name, including tropical fruit and dankness” said Lagunitas Brewmaster Jeremy Marshall.

This beer is a must-try, as it is a limited release. For the month of December, Mozango will be available in a six-pack with 12 ounce bottles, as opposed to a bomber size. Until then, if 22 ounces seems a little much for you, it is available on tap at the Lagunitas Tasting room in Petaluma.