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ON TAP: Tall, dark and mysterious

Abraham Fuentes
Imperial Stout Ales pair perfectly great with pancakes.

This will be the first beer reviewed in the series, On Tap. New reviews will be featured every week, spanning from beer to kombucha. The next drinks will be two drinks with high ABV levels, Kombucha from  Boochcraft.

I am starting this series to help other 21-year-olds and anyone interested in the art of drinking.

Sometimes you crave something dark and mysterious with a strong punch; like a drink that pairs well with a meat-centric meal. Other times, that same dark contrasting brew will pair perfectly with a sweet breakfast or dessert. For instance, how dark chocolate pairs smoothly with strawberries.

The first beer on tap is the Imperial Stout Ale from Lagunitas Brewing Company, brewed at their Petaluma location. 

This is not a thirst quenching beer. The Imperial Stout Ale is a beer to be sipped late at night and enjoyed with friends. Treat this beer as a glass of wine—drink it slowly, and with respect.

The ale hugs the glass as you swirl it. Unlike most beers where the foam (head) is white, the head is dark, the beer itself is dark colored, looking identical to chocolate syrup.

The Stout has notes of coffee and reminds me of a dark chocolate bar, with hints of sweetness and bitterness.

Stout ales are typically dark and the alcohol by volume (ABV) can range from 4-to-6 percent. Then there is the Imperial Stout Ale. Imperials can range from 8-to-12 percent ABV and have double the calories of normal stouts—about 250. They are made with the double amount of ingredients to give it a unique taste.

You can feel the alcohol in this ale; it’s no joke.

For most, the idea of having beer and pancakes is an odd one, but it is something worth trying. It’s a different way to think of beer. As most ales are drank with savory foods, this can pair with sweet or savory foods.  

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Abraham Fuentes
Abraham Fuentes, Staff Writer
Abraham Fuentes is a Writer and photographer at the Oak Leaf News going into his 3 third semester. He will be transferring in 2020 fall Semester.

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