Keeping it Golden, One Bun at a Time


Edgar Soria-Garcia

Outside view of Golden Bun on Mendocino Avenue.

Edgar Soria Garcia, Staff Writer

On the corner of Mendocino Avenue and Seventh Street, Golden Bun is a shack-like food spot with an assortment of Banh Mi, open seating and friendly staff.

When it comes to cheap, good food in Santa Rosa, it’s hard for students to find a place that isn’t a packed In-an-Out or laxative burritos. In downtown Santa Rosa, Golden Bun Vietnamese Sandwiches provides great food at a low cost.

With the main event being sandwiches, there are nice assortments of meat options as well as vegetarian and vegan options, all priced around $6.

Drink wise, there are cans of soda, a variety of regular and milk teas and smoothies. With any drink there is the optional addition of boba, and crunchy crystal boba.

The vegetarian Golden Tofu sandwich is a basic but flavorful Banh Mi, with pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro and tofu covered in a tangy sauce on a crunchy french roll.

Served on the side were nicely fried vegetable egg rolls, made to order, making them nice and hot. For a simple side dish, there is also a small chip section by the cashier

For a quick dessert they have Che, a vietnamese dessert. Its small, convenient size makes it easy for on-the-go quick bites. The Color Wheel is nice choice with a bit of everything; mung bean, pandan jelly, coconut cream and taro.

Golden Bun has a nice seating area with comfortable stylish white chairs and adjustable height tables. Open windows welcomes a lot of natural lighting, and though there is some hints of the Subway it was before, they keep it simple.

With a Banh Mi, Taro Milk Tea with Crystal Boba, and a snack can of pringles, it fell below $12. Golden Bun is a great choice for those who seek something a little different than a burger-and-fries combo.