Winter Wellness Fair offers students tips and tricks to finish semester strong


Meghan Buckman

Students at the Winter Wellness Fair participate in activities to improve their success.

Meghan Buckman, Social Media Editor

With finals approaching, students know how strenuous it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Winter Wellness Fair at Santa Rosa Junior College on Dec. 7 brought students together to learn how to de-stress, sleep better and prioritize goals.
“It’s our job to reach out to students who might be struggling and make sure they’re going to be OK as well as going to get what they want out of an education,” said Student Success coach Margaret Osgood.
Osgood is one of many Student Success coaches available to guide students in a positive direction. They are located in the Student Health Center. Just like the student counselors, they are available upon appointment. The coaches can make a schedule to help organize study times around finals.
Numerous booths covered topics of student success and sleeping right. Activities as simple as writing down your goals left students feeling more confident to end their semester.
Communication Studies instructor Monnet Zubieta held a laughter yoga session. A certified laughter yoga teacher from Sebastopol, she guided a circle of students with exercises like a “happy dance,” which included clapping and laughing at the same time. Zubieta wanted students to let loose and have a positive attitude.
Sleep was another important topic of the night, with a group seminar on how to manage sleeping habits. Students wrote down improved sleeping habits and posted them on a wall to collectively go over with each other.
“There’s a lot of different techniques to help you go to sleep, like aromatherapy and reading,” said SRJC student Maggie Shillington, 24.
Some things to avoid include being on your phone before bed.
Paws as Loving Support brought therapy dogs to comfort students throughout the event. The dogs will also visit the Doyle Library from 10-11:30 a.m. Dec. 13 and from 1-2:30 p.m. on Dec. 14. to support students during finals.
“We’re hoping students leave here feeling that they have more tools and tips on how to destress before finals, maybe feel a little more relaxed after petting the dogs,” said PEERS coalition member Kayla Dias, 22.
The Sonoma County fires affected students in many ways and left them with panic and anxiety. Event organizers aimed to make a difference in terms of getting students back on track.
“With the fires, it’s been very stressful on people, so we’re hoping this is a place where they can feel relaxed and walk away knowing they can still be successful,” Dias said.
Student Health Center employees encourage students to branch out and get help even if you need to organize a study plan.
Changing bad habits can affect your overall health as a student. Going to bed early, meditating or talking to a counselor can make a difference in a busy lifestyle.
“We’re hoping once they leave here, laughing, maybe learning some tips on how to get better sleep, that they walk away feeling that they can do their finals and be successful at the end of the semester,” Dias said.