Santa Rosa’s tastiest tacos

Top four taqueria treats


La Fondita serves up small tacos packed with flavor.

Jose Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Sonoma County has a large number of Mexican restaurants and food trucks, and everyone has a different opinion about where to find the best tacos. After trying 10 different locations, these were the four best carne asada tacos in the area.

#4 Casa del Mole
With a Oaxacan background, these tacos have become popular. The mild green salsa that is added on top gives it a layered roasty flavor anyone is looking for. The two tortillas wrapped around the asada taco were very thin, yet they still have enough strength to contain the taco juice. The meat has a softness to it and is cooked well. Their medium-sized tacos will leave you full after two or three.

#3 Mi Pueblo restaurant
Their tacos are a bit skimpy on the meat compared to others but can impress with the taste of quality ingredients such as onion, coriander and red salsa. Mi pueblo has locations in Petaluma, Rohnert Park and Marin County, but the new Windsor location has become one of the most popular restaurants in that area.

#2 Taqueria Santa Rosa
Tacos at this Mendocino Avenue restaurant close to SRJC draw a huge lunch crowd. Their red salsa and condiments, which include onion and coriander, gives the tacos a smoky flavor. The meat is tender and cooked well done. Fast and friendly customer service makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

#1 La Fondita
Everyone recognizes Delicias Elenita, better known as “la fondita” for its great menu options such as tortas, burritos and sopes, but the tacos are the main attraction. Even better, they only cost $1.50 per taco. The tacos can seem small, but the flavor is sweet, tangy and packs on the spice. Condiments such as onion, coriander and red salsa give it that extra juicy flavor.