Horchata: The new nog to try this season


Jose Gonzalez

Horchata is delicious and simple to make.

Jose Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Horchata definitely adds a refreshing touch to any meal. People that try Horchata seem to fall in love with it right away.
Growing up in Mexico, Horchata was one of my favorite beverages to go along with my meals.
I have so many memories of going to Taquerias, Flea Markets and street vendors where I saw Horchata, that it made me want to start making my own.
I started making Horchata in high school, and at SRJC, I brought it to the newsroom during production.
If you are ever planning an event and want to share this delicious refreshment here is a recipe you can use.

•3 cups of white rice
•2 cups of sugar (adjust depending on how sweet you want)
•2 cinnamon sticks
•1 TSP vanilla
•1 can (14 oz) “La Lechera” sweetened condensed milk
•1 gallon of water

Start by soaking the rice and cinnamon in a bowl of water all night, or at least for five hours so the rice softens slightly.
Strain the water from the cinnamon and rice mixture, disposing of the water.
Blend the cinnamon and rice mixture with water until fully blended. Keep on mixing for about 1 minute or more.
Strain the resulting liquid into a pitcher. Add the sugar, vanilla, “La Lechera,” and Mix well until everything is combined. Add a liter of water and serve with ice.
Enjoy your Horchata paired with tacos, burritos or tamales.