Amy’s Wicked slush; adding a new twist to a classic dessert


Rachel Genthe

Flavors include rootbeer float, mango with chocolate and orange cream and vanilla.

Rachel Genthe, Staff Writer

Stop going to 7-Eleven for that mixed Slurpee concoction and check out the newest phenomenon to hit Healdsburg. It’s not Hawaiian shaved ice or any other ice-like dessert, it’s a Boston-style slush.

The bright pink sign of Amy’s Wicked Slush is easily spotted before crossing the Healdsburg Avenue bridge. With only outdoor seating, it’s a great treat on a warm day, whether you want something sweet or savory. Amy’s menu consists of seven or eight slush flavors, soft serve ice cream, an Italian sub, bagels and more. If you need help deciding, the staff is friendly and attentive. The prices are reasonable for the portions, which are sharable.   

The signature “split” combinations are layered parfait-styled slush and soft-serve. There are classics like the root beer float, vanilla ice cream and root beer slush, or you can try the tropical storm, a mango slush with chocolate soft serve.

The first time trying Amy’s Wicked Slush brings back memories of childhood summers; sugar overloads while either basking in the heat or turning red as a lobster. As the sweet-flavored slush melts, the rich creamy ice cream cleans the palate begging for more of the continuous overlapping flavor concoction. That’s how good it is.         

The slush is available in four cup sizes; pipsqueak, regular, large and wicked big. Along with that are other add-ons like jimmies, waffle cones and chocolate dip.

As you skim through the menu you might see “Looking for more?” For $7, the “slushballs” contain seven scoops of slush, chosen by the staff, on a bed of your choice of soft-serve ice cream, all in a waffle bowl. This would be excellent for a group of friends or someone with a big sweet tooth.

The natural lighting with the bold colors of different slush will scream photo worthy and demand you dig in before it melts. This isn’t a place to only try once but return again to enjoy their seemingly endless choices.

Swing by Amy’s Wicked Slush, 13840 Healdsburg Ave, opening at 10 a.m. seven days a week, with varying closing hours from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., and 9 p.m. on Sundays.