Art faculty shows off their creative skills

Oak Leaf Staff, Staff Writer

Little do you know your art professor may be the next major artiste. Upon entering the Art Faculty show, one would be impressed with the level of quality. The show’s artists are all faculty members of Santa Rosa Junior College.

All the artwork was positioned just right, filling the entire gallery and creating a mesmerizing experience. With oil on panel, wood assemblage , c-prints and photography, people enjoyed all the various types of mediums.  There were also woodcut with monotype on silk, ceramics brush and ink on paper, acrylic spray on canvas and even a conceptual work of art.

There were stunning and unique pieces produced by the faculty. The creativity and originality of the artwork made the crowd come back a second time. It seemed that everyone appreciated the art much more the next time they visited. There was so much detail to each work of art that they all captivated everyone’s attention.

Art student Karlecia Larsen, 31, said, “I found the art show astonishing. Each piece had its own individuality. My favorite piece was by Tomato Murakami; so breathtaking.”

The fact that all the work came from professors on campus gave a sense of unity and harmony to the show. There were an exceptional amount of students who came by to witness the art show.. People had lots of positive discussion about the work and seemed to take joy from being at the show.

“With such a wide array of mediums and styles, I found that one thing these pieces hold in common is they all are very intriguing from a distance; drawing you closer to view the details. I am especially drawn to the acrylic spray on canvas pieces by Michael Loffredo. I am inspired to do some soft focus photos from them,” said photography student, Angie Hloucha, 41.  

If you haven’t checked out the most recent art show, you will be pleasantly surprised. The faculty’s talent will leave you pleased with what you see.

The show will run Monday through Friday 10-4 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. on Saturdays Sept. 18 – Oct. 12, 1 at the Robert F. Agrella gallery on the first floor of the Frank P. Doyle Library.