SRJC student fashion profile

Jordan Diomande, 18, showing off his fall fashion.

Meghan Buckman, Staff Writer

For Jordan Diomande, 18, fashion is the way he expresses himself best. He brings a cool and eclectic style to the table with clothes from ASOS, Pac Sun and Tommy Hilfiger.

From Ivory Coast, West Africa, Diomande studies Business at Santa Rosa Junior College. His style lives through his personality with spunk and creativity. He expresses his mood with statement pieces that make him stand out among the rest.

Diomande is an aspiring model and performing arts student who walks like he has a spotlight. You may know him from plays at SRJC, including “In The Heights” from Spring 2017 and will be playing the role of “Sebastian” in the upcoming Fall production of “The Little Mermaid.” You can catch him around campus flaunting his stuff.


Oak Leaf: Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

Jordan Diomande: My fashion inspiration is Didi Stone Olomide, daughter of the Congolese legend Koffi Olomide. I’ve always loved fashion, but seeing her be so confident and class[y], along with getting great reviews while just expressing herself made me think that I should use that sense of fashion that I had.

OL: What do you think should be in everyone’s closet and why?


JD: I think everyone should at least have some classy joggers, they’re so comfortable and you can make a lot of outfits with it from street to classy.


OL: With today’s trends, do you prefer to be guided by the fashion norm or do you choose your own direction?


JD: I think that fashion can help [us] fit in and break away from trends at the same time because we go from basic styles to completely insane reflecting anything from nature to a simple mood.


OL: What separates your sense of style from the rest? What makes you unique?


JD: I am a perfectionist and I’m not scared of trying new things, I pay attention to details and make sure that I embrace my culture and reflect that through what I wear.


OL: What does the concept “beautiful”mean to you?


JD: For me, beautiful is not just a compliment or an adjective. It is more a way of life, just someone being his or her most graceful self. I think that beauty is wherever we want to see it because ‘beautiful’ is whatever you decide it to be. But mostly, it is all about being special and embracing every inch of ourselves.