Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Swift Breaks the Internet (Again).


Courtesy of Google Images

Still photo from Taylor Swift’s new music video, which was released Sunday night at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Dakota McGranahan, Photo Editor

Synthetic beats, chilling piano chords, and angsty bass rhythms compliment the song’s vengeful lyrics. After a three-year hiatus, American pop star Taylor Swift dramatically arrived back into the music industry. On Aug. 24, Swift released her single “Look What You Made Me Do,” a groundbreaking new sound for the past country star.

In addition to refreshing her sound, the artist also revamped her look; a metamorphosis from the girl next door into what could only be described as rebellious and complimentary to the preview of her upcoming album, “reputation”.

Over the course of her career, Swift has had several reputations thrown around and has dealt with both ex-fans and artists alike slamming her for trivial details. Whether it be her new haircut, or her most recent breakup, the onslaught of attacks against the artist have been relentless. Her new album invites a new era of Taylor as she tackles the reputations created by the media, ex-fans and other artists.

In other words, Swift is reborn, and is coming back full force, ruining anything or anyone who steps in her way. This new, relentless and unforgiving Swift may still receive the backlash of critics, however she proves to succeed nonetheless in the face of adversity.

This success is derived from her passionate and exclusive fan base, known as “Swifties”. Not even an hour after the release of her new single, the artist eased her way to No. 1 on the iTunes charts; remaining on the throne of success. After six studio albums, three different eras of Swift (country, pop, and now angst) and 274 award wins the artist is only comfortable in the spotlight, something even a three-year disappearance couldn’t stop.

While they are strong supporters, her fans had a lot to say in the reviews of the new Swift single. In a review on iTunes, Elliott417 said “Love the song and what the album stands for. She is such an honest and brilliant human. She is an incredible singer-songwriter. This new album is going to rock just like her other albums. This album stands for a very strong subject, [one] that we all can relate to.”

While most fans loved the new single, some were still objective of her new sound. “This is horrendous…the chorus is toxic. Not to mention she is literally capitalizing off of the snake rhetoric. ‘Stop labeling me with this persona that I never asked for’, [and] next thing you know, she’s using it to sell an album,” said CoolioDudeee who also reviewed the single on iTunes.

So, what if Taylor Swift is playing off of the “snake narrative?” After years of rejecting the critical reputations associated with her successful career she is only rolling with the punches and adding a few of her own. Moreover, she is breaking free from the media’s grasp, while creating a new identity, one that she intends to take a few hits but will likely deal out some of her own as well.