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A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

Getting high? Turn on the tube

Comedian Doug Benson takes us in depth on the effects of smoking cannabis.

It’s 4:20 pm.You just got lit.

Now it’s time to chill, maybe turn on the TV. But what to watch?

How about a movie?

Here are my top picks for cannabis-themed movies.

“Dazed and Confused” (1993): The year is 1976. It’s the last day of school. It’s all about blazing and hazing in this coming of age comedy. “Alright, alright, alright.”

“Friday” (1995): I hate Mondays, but I love Friday. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker star in this comedy about a typical day in the hood.

“Half Baked” (1998): Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer don’t disappoint in this comedy about saving their best “bud.” Yes it’s half baked, but it’s full of laughs.

“How High” (2001): Hip-Hop duo Method Man and Redman smoke weed and go to college. Sound familiar? I guess that means they passed “high” school.

“Super High Me” (2007): Smoke weed everyday. That’s exactly what comedian Doug Benson did in this documentary for 30 days after going 30 days abstaining from marijuana. This film was inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” (2004) but replaced McDonald’s with weed. It’s currently available on Netflix.

Benson is no stranger when it comes to centering his multimedia around ganja. His podcast “Getting Doug With High” features him getting high with his guests at 4:20 pm and “The High Court with Doug Benson” has him get high and judging real cases with his ruling being legally binding. Most of his “Doug Loves Movies” podcasts and his stand-up shows start at 4:20 as well.

“Pineapple Express” (2008): “It’s almost a shame to smoke it. It’s like killing a unicorn…with, like, a bomb.” Just one of the amazing quotes in this action-comedy starring Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride. 

“Green is Gold (2016): Winner of the Audience Award at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival is directed, written and starring Ryon Baxter. Baxter is locally grown and attended Sonoma State University. His younger brother Jimmy costars with him. “Green is Gold” was also filmed locally. Many locations are recognizable to Sonoma County residents. Also available for streaming on Netflix.

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