Netflix’s Original Anime: Seven Deadly Sins Review


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Arthur Gonzalez-Martin, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Netflix has its fair share of experimentation with their shows and movies. From their flagship series “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” to their more hit or miss works like “The Ridiculous six” or “The Do-Over” but then again regardless of who or what you are, an Adam Sandler movie is going to be an Adam Sandler movie.

Now going into the wonderful world of animation, with Bojack Horseman being one of Netflix’s most critically praised western-style show with its dark but humorist portrayal of the film industry Hollywood live style. With “the seven deadly sins” now going into the world of anime (eastern animation)

The story follows Princess Elizabeth trying to find the former knights of Britannia. The show is made up of criminals who serve the kingdom. They turned rogue when they tried to overthrow the kingdom. They killed a large amount of the holy knights and warriors of the kingdom, 10 years before the start of  anime. She runs into their young leader of the knights Meliodas. He looks like a 12-year-old boy despite being in his late 30’s and runs a tavern to try and find the other members. Meliodas is a complete pervert, which is common for anime, but he as a heart of gold. Elizabeth tries to help find the others while the holy knights attempt to start a holy war. The knights start by reviving the long dead demon race to give themselves a purpose for being around and performed a silent coup, all while holding the whole royal family for the ritual.

To Elizabeth’s luck the seven deadly sins are not as bad as the rumors say. She learns they were frame for the death of the old headmaster of the holy knights. So Meliodas and Elizabeth set-off to find the comrades to stop the revival of the demons.

The anime is your classic fighting fantasy where everyone has magic powers with barely any real excuse as to why or how. They jump or rather teleport 100ft at a time into each other at the force to knock down entire forests, destroy castles or split mountains with barely a scratch. But it how’s a good mix of comedy, drop dead Serious story moments and depth and designs of the characters.

As each sin starts off being a stereotype but has a dark past,  some of the holy knights are more bad in their blind following of orders than truly being evil.

Diane, the sin of envy, is a 30-foot tall giant woman that punches and hammers people to death. She puts a curse on Meliodas and gets jealous of any female near him. Ban, the sin of greed, is a normal looking human, excluding the animal like fangs and pointed ears. He’s is a loud mouth thief who would have been killed if he didn’t drink from the Fountain of Youth granting him true immortality. King, the Sin of Sloth, is the king of the all fairies. He can fly at will and turns his pillow into flying spear(s) and is one of the most powerful of the sins because all of them had lost, sold or got their magic McGuffins stolen before the start of the show.

The show is 24 episodes long with little to no filler episodes and a second season in the works.

Overall this is my new intro anime. It has animated fight scenes, a great voice cast dubbed and subbed, and a simple yet gripping story. I fully recommend this for fans that want to watch a good fighting anime without having to spend years trying to understand what is happening such as “Naruto” or “One Piece”.