Creative costumes

What to wear while you look for a scare


A popular costume this year is Harley Quinn from the new DC movie Suicide Squad.

Amoura Deering, Staff Writer

Halloween is a time where people morph into things they’re not. Every year a certain event, film, television show, etc. inspires the most popular costumes of that year.

In 2013 and 2014, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the Disney movie “Frozen” dominated the women’s costume world. But in 2015, people let it go and embraced Star Wars with open arms.

Star Wars was dethroned this year and two comic book anti-heroes have taken center stage, the first time since “The Avengers” dominated the scene in 2012.

Women everywhere will be found clad in blue and red shorts this Halloween. Harley Quinn became the center of attention when DC Comics unleashed the “Suicide Squad” onto the public this summer. Quinn’s eccentric and psychotic demeanor, paired with dual colored hair, shorts and a shirt that reads “Daddy’s Lil Monster,” makes her the perfect candidate to dominate the female costume world.

Unfortunately, if you had your heart set on being Arkham Asylum’s shining star, you had to plan ahead because Quinn’s iconic threads are sold out in-store and online everywhere.

Deadpool had his feature moment when Marvel gave the sarcastic, homicidal X-Men reject his own origin film in February. Deadpool and his skintight red suit surpassed all competition in the male costume world. You can expect to see a few friendly neighborhood pool men looking for Francis on Halloween, as most stores and online outlets have this costume available, but in limited amounts.

Snapchat debuted their infamous filters at the start of the year and they became a cultural phenomenon. Though the filters only distort your face and voice, people have found ways to craft costumes around them. The deer, bee, rainbow unicorn and dog filters have taken the top spot as quick, do-it-yourself unisex costumes. All you need is some face paint and an outfit to embody your desired filter choice.

Whether you’re dressing with the trends, waiting until the last minute or not dressing up at all, remember one thing: stay away from clowns.