Bridget with a baby

Rachel Genthe, Assistant A&E Editor

Our generation evolves as time goes on; Bridget Jones does not.

This film was enjoyable to watch for a long awaited happy ending.

For the third installment of the series, Jones (Renėe Zellweger) is again husband-less. Jones has a well-paying job as a TV news producer. She just turned 43, lives in a snug little flat and is somewhat content with life. Like a good percentage of older women, she is surrounded by married couples with children, or ladies who have decided a spinster’s life is the life.

It’s an entertaining chick flick but does no justice for women of our time. It’s ‘outdated’ but worth watching. The plot flows with music being relatable to any age. This movie is geared more towards women who have been single and the unknown roller coaster they rode. In the previous

films, Jones is always looking for that Mr. Perfect to sweep her off her feet. Some women will admit that’s just what they want, but some would disagree.

If you haven’t seen the previous films, it’s ok; narration does a good job keeping you informed about the important details of Jones’ love life. She found out she is having a baby but doesn’t know who the father is. It could be Patrick Dempsey who plays Mr. American Billionaire, the founder of a well known internet dating site; or Colin Firth returning in his prior role as Mr. Darcy.

This R-rated romantic comedy gives a good laugh with its British humor. It can be dry and offensive at times, but hey, they’re British. “Bridget Jone’s Baby” keeps up with the “in” of pop culture giving us sneak peaks of music festivals in England, celebrity cameos and trendy fashion. Let’s just say yes, man-buns are still in for some parts of the world. All in all, the movie is amusing with some good laughs.