Estefany Gonzalez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Aries: Take a deep breath, let it fill your lungs and clear your head of harmful thoughts. Just as cell phones and computers need to power off to function, you require a clear mind.

Taurus: Don’t spend too long daydreaming. Be aware of your surroundings or you may not like what you find when your feet finally hit the ground.

Gemini: Take responsibility for your mistakes. No one is perfect; it’s OK to mess up. Don’t spend too much time overthinking. Learn from the experience and move on.

Cancer: Although paintings may look beautiful from afar, a closer step may reveal distasteful brush strokes and lack of care. Don’t spend too much time looking from a distance.

Leo: Perhaps it’s time to do something nice for others. Being the center of attention is nice, but it’s better when the light is flattering.

Virgo: Earth child, it’s time to embrace your mother. Drop your technology and spend more time in nature. Time away from all of your devices may reveal a truth you need to hear.

Libra: Your heart is light and warm. Your spirit floats like a feather in the wind. Listen to the voice in your head when making decisions and you’ll always know what to do.

Sagittarius: Stay away from large bodies of water. Now is not the time to learn to swim. Stick to what you know. Taking risks without knowing how things will turn out could cause you to drown.

Capricorn: Take a moment to shine in the sun. Let others compliment you and praise your accomplishments.

Aquarius: Others enjoy your company. Your sweetness is much like honey. Be careful of bears with a sweet tooth.

Pisces: Pay attention to your fashion choices, smile more and be kind; you never know who’s watching.