Shakespeare Cabaret at SRJC

A montage of Shakespeare scenes


Jocelyn Mobley, Staff Writer

Musical numbers, a sassy best friend and a broken fourth wall filled the Newman Auditorium on April 5. The unique hour-and-a-half, one night production of “A Shakespeare Cabaret” celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Director Gina Alvarado explained the differences of this show compared to others she has directed. “We created it from scratch,” Alvarado said. She worked with the actors on an individual basis. “The first time the whole cast was together was on Friday,” she said. Since it was a montage of Shakespeare scenes from different plays, it was an unusual process creating the material. Instead of rehearsing an entire play, it was a highlight reel of famous Shakespearean works. Asked if the play met his expectations, SRJC student Austin Eral said, “Yeah, it actually exceeded them. It was really good.” He attended the play to support his girlfriend, one of the actresses.  SRJC alumnus Carmen Mitchell reenacted a scene from “West Side Story,” inspired by Shakespeare. “I’ve always loved the arts,” Mitchell said. She started as a ballerina and figure skater but moved into theater.  Whether you’re a Shakespeare savant or a Twelfth Night noob, this play had something for everyone.