Life Hacks to Keep You on Track

Effective Life Hacks

Laura Buel, Staff Writer

Have you ever been broke, just plain lazy, out of time or hungover? If so, these life hacks may be the solution to your problems. Life hacks are simple and ingenious solutions to everyday issues that will save you time and money.

#1 Coconut oil:
coco oil
A jar of coconut oil can save students money, because it can be used as a substitute for expensive products.
Use coconut oil to replace products for hair masks, body moisturizers, massage oils, lip balms, makeup removers, shaving creams, cooking oils or butter.
Add a spoonful of coconut oil to your coffee or tea in the morning to give your day an extra boost of energy and kick-start your metabolism.
When purchasing the oil, make sure to buy organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed or non-hydrogenated products in order to receive the most health benefits.


#2 Egg cartons for laptops:

Egg Carton Life Hack

Nobody wants a burning computer on their lap, but products specifically made for cooling laptops are expensive. A cheap solution is an egg carton. Flip the carton upside down, and place your laptop on top of it to ensure proper airflow. This simple action will keep your device from overheating and allow you to keep working unscathed.

#3 Old CD spindle for bagels:


Bringing bagels to school has never been easier. Use an old CD spindle in order to safely pack bagels and ensure they don’t fall apart in your bag or get squished.

#4 Charge phones on airplane mode:
If your phone is dying and you don’t have time to waste, switch to airplane mode and plug it in for a quick charge.

#5 Honey for acne scars:
Put a little dab of honey on any acne scar, leave it for a few hours and wash the honey off to lessen its appearance.


#6 Use treats to motivate your studying:

hand model

Strategically place treats on different spots on a page; it will keep you motivated to read on to the next paragraph—this requires self-restraint.
Some ideas for treats are skittles, gummy bears, sour patch kids, your favorite nuts or chex-mix. Just make sure to choose treats that won’t stain your textbook.


#7 Desktop or lock screen something important:

To make sure you remember something important before big exams, change your background to what you want to learn. Doing so ensures your device reminds you to study every time you use it.


#8 Hangover cure:
If you drank too much and need a quick fix for your hangover, try honey on crackers. The natural sugar found in honey helps the body break down alcohol into a harmless by-product. The sodium in crackers will help your body to retain water and prevent dehydration.


#9 Gourmet ramen:

Turn any boring pack of instant ramen into a culinary masterpiece by adding a few extra ingredients. Meats, boiled eggs, green onions, bamboo shoots, spices, vegetables, citrus juices or anything you like can turn cheap food into deliciousness.


#10 Trouble waking up? Try phone in a cup:
Cup phone
If your phone is used as an alarm clock and it’s not loud enough to wake you up, try placing it in a glass cup or mason jar before bedtime. The glass will amplify the alarm and hopefully will be loud enough to wake you up and get you out of bed. This trick can also be used to amplify music if you can’t find speakers. This works great for outdoor activities. Whether your hangin’ out with friends or trying to wake up, never forget phone in a cup.