Bakeries Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar and spice; don’t think twice

Devin Schwarz, A&E Editor

The Criminal Baking Company and Undercover Noshery

463 Sebastopol Ave.
2 miles from SRJC

Tucked away where few would look, the term ‘undercover’ is well earned.
The food at Criminal Baking Co is as off-the-beaten-trail as its location, and certainly “criminal.” The bakery’s owner and artist behind its delicious food, Dawn Zaft, has crafted a culinary landscape completely outside the norm. This is exemplified by their cinnamon French toast casserole, taking a classic and twisting it, turning it on itself and creating something new and delicious.
Baked goods are not all you’ll find at this studio-sized establishment. A mini-menu of lunch and breakfast items adorns one wall, including veggie-based breakfast bowls and chile rellenos. On the opposite side you’ll see a handwritten list of creative smoothies, including the “live bomb,” made with espresso, frozen yogurt, chocolate, vanilla and milk; or “squash you like a bug,” made with Pumpkin or butternut squash, cinnamon, frozen yogurt, ginger and apple juice.
If you’re looking for a bakery that breaks the mold for what pastries should be, grab your getaway driver and head to The Undercover Baking Agency.


Sift Dessert Bar

404 Medocino Ave.
1.2 miles from SRJC

Sugar, spice and everything nice is exemplified by the pretty pinks and sugary treats at Sift Dessert Bar.
Sift, put on the map after winning Food Network’s Cupcake wars, has been making delicious frosted treats since 2008. Since then, the quiant baking company has made a name for itself through interesting use of ingredients and creative cupcake flavors like “24 Carrot,” “The Sky is Falling” and “Irish Dream.”
The most intriguing item on Sift’s menu is their cake shake; two whole cupcakes of your choice blended with milk and ice to create a diabetic daydream of a drink.
Their display case also hosts a variety of cookies, french macaroons and something they call “cruffles”, essentially a cake pop without a stick up its ass.
Sift has a strong focus on catering and is the perfect choice to supply your party with all its sugary needs.


Michelle Marie’s Patisserie

2404 Magowan Dr.
2.3 miles from SRJC

Michelle Marie’s is the quintessential french bakery; croissants, monster-sized cookies, coconut macaroons, sweet and savory scones and a huge selection of cakes are just a fraction of what you’ll find here.
Although they title themselves ‘patisserie,’ a French or Belgian bakery focusing on sweet candies and pastries, Michelle’s has a huge selection of hot and cold savory foods with a strong focus on sit-down café-style eating. If you need a sweet treat with your espresso drink, try their ‘little ladies,’ a Russian tea cake with raspberry jam, topped with powdered sugar.
Michelle Marie’s also has the largest selection of small and large cakes available in a range of flavors.


Muffin Street Baking Co.

52 Mission Cir.
3 miles from SRJC

As the name suggests, Muffin Street specializes in muffins of all flavors, and they have so much more to offer.
Inside Muffin Street you’ll find an ice cream bar, espresso counter, comfortable seating area, books for sale to read while you drink as well as a small gift-shop-esque area with hand towels and handmade ceramic plates, cups and bowls.
Muffin Street also has a kitchen, producing salads, soups and sandwiches. For breakfast try the Canadian, a homemade flakey biscuit sandwich with Canadian bacon, eggs and melted provolone cheese. The tuna melt is an easy and delicious choice for a lunchtime treat.