Haley Bollinger, Features Editor

Aries: The act of being selfless often goes unrecognized. Keep kindness fluid; the feeling of inner peace from helping others is the reward.

Taurus: A bull relishes in green pastures, content in its surroundings; only when forced into a rodeo does it retaliate. Even if life harbors unwanted circumstances, buck them off.

Gemini: Lately your life has been imitating a slapstick comedy. Bounties and barrels of laughter are served to any friends lucky enough to chuckle from your humor, or your falls.

Cancer: If your passion for life is in a drought, don’t wait for it to rain. Motivation is not available over the counter.   

Leo: Disappointment is the awkward pain that fuels further growth. If a situation leaves confusion in your life, don’t let it stump you; learn and keep flourishing.

Virgo: A magician can’t fool other magicians. Tricks work for only so long, eventually you’ll run into someone who sees through your shenanigans.   

Libra: Routines exist and productivity is usually the outcome. Yet a break from the ordinary is a temptation lately. Take it—your spirit will be rejuvenated.

Scorpio: The trickle of water flowing down a stream. The sound of waves crashing in at high tide. A hot mineral bath being drawn. Find a source of water and relax.

Sagittarius: Arson is a serious crime. The desire to light the world on fire is buried deep in your subconscious. Make a campfire as soon as possible and save yourself the felony.

Capricorn: Lavender fields are full of bees. Even if something smells good and is known to relieve stress, it can still find a way to sting you.

AquariusSarcasm was popular in the ‘90s. While funny at times, it’s out of style. How about you communicate nicely?

Pisces: Practice pointing out the positive in everyday life. Maybe you’ll see mundane miracles do not happen.