Bargain reading on rainy days

Treehorn Books, located in downtown Santa Rosa, smells of vintage books guaranteed to warm the heart of any bookworm.

Alex T. Randolph, Copy Editor

As the semester winds to a close, students wonder what to do with themselves over the break. The more obvious solutions would be “play more video games” or “get drunk” or maybe even “start planning responsibly for the future.” But for those of you who prefer indoor activities and not spending all your free time staring at computer screens, you’re probably looking forward to sitting down with a good book.

Since you’re on a student budget, that entertaining book will hopefully also be a good, cheap book.  For those struggling to find the latter, here are some local places to find reading material at reasonable prices.

Treehorn Books: For any bookworm, there’s nothing like the slightly musty smell of old books – it calls back fond memories of a youth spent with “Redwall” or “Animorphs” or “Hardy Boys” in hand in your dad’s recliner. Nowhere is that feeling more prevalent than in Treehorn Books, at 256 4th St. Crammed in a small building next to La Vera Pizza. Literature of all kinds fill this used bookstore head to toe, from atlases to comic books, both old and current. Here you can find rare books such as an original Tom Swift story from 1910 or if you’re into comics and lucky, a graphic novel collection of Alan Moore’s “Miracleman.” If you would like something more modern, don’t worry – Treehorn regularly stocks the latest books too, for all your “Hunger Games” needs.

Thrift stores: The best thing about thrift stores is also the worst thing about them; you have no idea what you’re going to find. Depending on place and time, your local Goodwill or Salvation Army can have anything from a rare edition of “Frankenstein” kept in mint condition by its original owner, to a dog-eared cheaply made novel that swears up and down that the author has undeniable proof the world is going to end in 1986. Thrift stores are much like used bookstores, except they have a much smaller selection and usually a much smaller price. It’s worth your time to go “thrifting” and try to uncover some diamonds in the rough.

Copperfield’s Books: The Bay Area’s local book chain, whose closest site is in Montgomery Village. It won’t have as many used books, but it sometimes has novels and graphic novels larger bookstores have already sold out of. Of course Copperfield’s allows to you to order upcoming books online, having them ready for you at the store on release day.

Library: And finally, perhaps the most obvious place to find what you want to read for cheap; your local library. With a simple library card, you can check out as many books as you can carry. I have fond memories of coming home with a backpack full of reading material when I was younger. The public library system has suffered recently, so be sure to stop by your local library, such as the nearby Central Library on 211 E St., and support them with your patronage. Just watch out for  late fees.