Swing in to classical dance at Ellington

Faith Gates, Co-Editor-in-Chief

At a time when twerking is considered a form of dance, a rising trend aims to bring back classical dancing.

Swing offers a wide variety of lively partner-style dancing. It includes many subforms like Charleston, East Coast, West Coast and Lindy Hop. As winter break approaches, you might find extra time to try this reviving trend.

A good place to start is Ellington Hall in Santa Rosa. Ellington hosts classes throughout the month, but the main event is its Friday Night Swing. Tucked away in a small studio off Industrial Drive, Ellington may be easy to miss, but the party going on inside isn’t.

“When most adults think of dancing they think of a nightclub and bar, but Ellington has a much more classic vibe to it. It’s a totally different style of dance and therefore different kinds of people,” said Santa Rosa Junior College student Benjamin Farren. “The people are fantastic; dancers of literally all ages and walks of life. Definitely an eclectic bunch, but that’s what makes it interesting.”

Ellington welcomes beginners, as they kick off at 7:30 p.m. Over the hour-long lesson, which begins the event, the girls switch partners almost every minute; it almost feels like speed dating.

“To be honest my first impression was that it looked super boring, but it’s less boring than it looks once everyone starts dancing,” said SRJC student Sarah Methum. “It’s a small, old fashioned, cute place.”