Haley Bollinger, Features Editor

Aries: When you run through life going about like a robot, the little things that make a mundane day beautiful pass you by. It won’t be until you stare at a squirrel squirming up a tree and laugh when it loses it nuts that you’ll think, “Dang, I need to pause and appreciate the present more.”

Taurus: One of the tricks of life is to not care what others think of you. Allowing other people’s words and actions to affect you in a negative way causes needless suffering. Realize a person’s opinion has nothing to do with ultimate truth. 

Gemini: Don’t act like a turkey at upcoming family gatherings. Part of adulthood is contributing to the party and no longer being the whining teenager lost in their phones. Appreciate your parents and grandparents; they won’t always be there to annoy you.

Cancer: Routine keeps your moods steady. If you’ve recently neglected exercise, a hobby or something that brings you joy, make sure to recognize it. Otherwise, you’ll dig yourself into a hole and be crabby and sour to people around you. 

Leo: The time to travel is now. Take a weekend trip and visit a friend who moved, or drive to the beach and ponder the lives of the creatures who inhabit the waves. If you can’t afford to travel, your imagination can take you anywhere. 

Virgo: Pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it disappear. Suppressing it makes it appear again with twice the power. Face your fears. You possess more strength and intelligence than you grasp. 

Libra: Genuine communication is losing its allure in our technological era. You feel compelled to bring back a bit of old-fashioned fun. Invite people over for a dinner party, tell them it’s a no-phone affair and buy a few disposable Kodak cameras. It’ll remind them not everything in life needs to be instant.

Scorpio: A way to start meditation is to let the thoughts you have flow through your mind, recognize they exist, but do not let emotions attach to them. Meditation is all about letting attachment go and simply existing.  

Sagittarius: Don’t assume someone knows how you feel or what you want. And don’t assume you know how someone feels or what they want. When you don’t make assumptions it can take away drama that was never needed and create a healthy way to communicate. 

Capricorn: Your humor is part of the foundation that makes you the lovable person you are. Keep cracking the corny jokes; even if you don’t get a laugh every time, your efforts put out positivity into any environment you accompany.  

AquariusSpeak with integrity, stop the inner negativity and do not gossip about others. Communicate from a place of love. There is enough tragedy in this world. 

Pisces: Your growth is like a stream in a withering drought. A dark shadow casts above and you weep in green pastures that are half-grown and half-grieved. Figure out what in your life is like a lily to a cat, toxic and a trap.