Haley Bollinger, Features Editor

Aries: Authority is frustrating you right now. Any rule you can break you crush. Try making art instead, it has no rules.

Taurus: Your projects and homework are taking forever to complete. Lay off the grass unless you’re playing ultimate frisbee.

Gemini: The current of change is rough. Don’t become numb and transparent. Channel the energy, become part of the stream.

Cancer: Are you overly engaged in your gadgets? Take a chance to disconnect and reconnect with the tangible real world you can touch.

Leo: Society creates a show. Who will be entertained? Laugh at the pain and cry about joy. It’ll confuse people.

Virgo: The last bit of a marathon is excruciating, but if you keep running and accomplish your goal it’ll leave you with a rush of confidence. You can endure much more than you think.

Libra: Inspiration may be fleeting at the moment, stop looking inward for it. Inspiration can be found in another’s experiences or ideas; collaborate and build from there.

Scorpio: Practice gratitude. It’s a gift of thanks and brings about the ability to have faith.  

Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and do what you desire. Security is only an illusion just like everything else in life. Regret is worse than the risk.

Capricorn: Continuing to choreograph life back in your mind to a different time isn’t serving a purpose. Tuck the memories into a your brain’s bookshelf and read them less frequently.

Aquarius: This world isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns. Saddle up your horse and gallop through the harsh field of life.

Pisces: Obsessive love is quite overwhelming. Tone it down or you’re going to end up with a restraining order against you.