You win some, you dim sum

Tender chicken feet soaked in black bean sauce.

Devin Schwarz, Assistant A&E Editor


Chewy, gooey, crispy, gluey.

Authentic dim sum is soul food in its purest form and to find it outside of China or at least Chinatown is often a difficult feat. But Santa Rosa Junior College students need look no further then Hang Ah Dim Sum on Armory Drive, just north of the Santa Rosa campus.

The restaurant makes ordering simple by its two separate menus. One is a classic Chinese restaurant menu with lunch specials, soup and noodles. This menu is classically priced as well, with plates ranging from $9-15. Many of these plates are large enough to share with a group, so plan accordingly.

The second is for dim sum, roast duck and other specialty items. This gives a range of choices for both dim sum lovers and the potentially less adventurous. This menu is more versatile and allows for a wide variety of sizes to create a meal that will satisfy any group. The pricing of this menu averages $8 a person for lunch and up to $15 a person for dinner. This menu also has a number of items that will fill you up at a low cost. If you’re in a hurry and strapped for cash, the dim sum menu is perfect.

The atmosphere in Hang Ah is friendly and energetic, great for a family dinner or a first date. The dining room is usually busy, but service is fast and accurate so it doesn’t feel crowded. All food is made to order and fresh, unlike other Chinese joints where food appears as though it’s been sitting out for hours. Hang Ah is authentic without feeling unclean or overly rustic.

If you’re looking for a simple order try the siu mai, chive shrimp dumplings and pork buns; these are all delicious and won’t extremely challenge your palate. For those that are Chinese food aficionados you could try the rice noodle rolls or egg-custard buns.

Today’s society is getting ever more interested in culinary exploration and Hang Ah is a great place for that; chicken feet, glutinous puffs and turnip cakes are just some of the new flavors you can enjoy there. Hang Ah’s expansive menu makes no two visits the same, a lovely adventure of flavors and textures that’s just like a slice of Chinatown.