E-club-nomics: A coalition of finance

Taylor Kong, Staff Writer


Economics and business majors around campus should rejoice, for the economics club has finally emerged.

Economics instructor Michelle Conley said it’s an academic club geared towards economics majors. She is the founder and advisor of the club, and said she wanted to make the club ever since she first started working at Santa Rosa Junior College as an economics teacher.

Conley said the club’s purpose is to work on a deeper understanding of economics, and give students more experience. She wants to invite speakers such as business owners, bankers, stock investors and real estate agents to show students how economics are applied in real life.

The club aims to form good relationships with the economics clubs at Sonoma State University and University of California, Berkeley.

“I wanted to find ways to get students involved, and get experience for when they are applying to other schools,” Conley said. “Basically, this is a really good way to give our students a leg-up on the competition.”

In a number of weeks, Conley has gotten replies from more than 50 students. This has fueled Conley’s high hopes for the club.

In addition to having a booth at the LUMA Festival, featuring interactive economic games, Conley wants to have club merchandise to increase interest. Conley even expressed a desire to create the club’s very own business.

“It’ll help students learn about production, profits and costs through their own business,” Conley said. “Our club motto: ‘the sky is the limit.’”

For now, the club meets at noon-1:30 p.m. every Thursday in room 1620 in Emeritus Hall. “It’s supposed to be the first Thursday of the month, but we’re trying to get things started for now,” Conley said.

For those students who can’t make the meetings due to scheduled classes or other previous engagements, Conley welcomes them during her office hours 9-10:30 a.m. at Emeritus Hall 1555.

Fortunately for students at the Petaluma campus, Conley is also working on forming a club there as well, and will hold meetings noon-1:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month in room 698 in the Call Building.

“All are welcome,” Conley said. “even if you don’t know anything about [economics], or if you just want an informal introduction before taking an [economics] class.”