Rock of the dead

Giulletti, Olguin, and Olney-Burnett chat after band practice.

Devin Schwarz, A&E Editor

A sepulcher is a holy grave site or monument meant to house the dead, much like a mausoleum; Sepulchre is an old school Death Metal band made up of young and talented performers from Sonoma County who try to emulate the style of the ‘90s with their unique and raw style.

Band members have changed over the years but this particular group, which includes Forest Giulletti (Drums), Luis Olguin (Bass) and Chris Olney-Burnett (Guitar/Vocals), has been together for the last four years. They met through the local band scene where they quickly became friends and later formed Sepulchre.

When asked what inspired them to perform music Olguin said “Ever since I was little I wanted to perform and come up with my own cool sound.” Olney-Burnett was influenced by rock from a young age and grew up in a musical household this inspired him to perform classical music.

Sepulchre has performed at a number of venues throughout its history but when asked what their ideal venue Giuletti answered with an enigmatic smile “The International Space Station.”

This group epitomizes a young and energetic garage band; members plan their Santa Rosa Junior College schedule around band practices and performances because the music always comes first. The Oak Leaf had the privilege of sitting in on a practice session of the band and observing their palpable energy. As if connected by a spiritual bond, the band members’ synergy was like fire; harmony does not come close to describing what they have. Everything about the band’s presence, attire and attitude screams, “We are a rock band, hear us roar.” And roar they do.