How to: The temporary way to change hair color

Estefany Gonzalez, A&E Editor

Nervous the colored hair life isn’t for you, or just too much of a commitment-phobe to pick a color you can’t wash away?

Hair chalking allows people to take a walk on the colored side.

There are a variety of hair chalk products sold in stores, some are inexpensive but others retail for up to $30 dollars a color. You can get the same effect for (insert break down) if you follow the steps below.

What you’ll need is simple. A quick trip to an art supply store will do. You’ll need artist chalk, a paintbrush and a towel to keep your clothes chalk free.


  1. Pick a color. Its hard to choose, but the best part about chalk is that it’s temporary and you don’t have to pick just one.
  2. Brush the knots out. Smooth untangled hair is best for even application.
  3. Section off your hair. Pick what sections of hair you want colored and separate with hair clips.
  4. Apply color. It’s best to start from the root and brush downward to not damage your hair.
  5. Wash it out. You may be tempted to leave your hair chalk in, but remember it’s chalk so it’s best to start again another day, unless you want to wash your bedding the next day.