Whales, Weapons and Weepers


Devin Schwarz , Staff Writer

Rating: 4/5

Dishonored: Definitive Edition has arrived. In 2012, the gaming world was swept away by this insta­classic from Bethesda studios, now it has made a return looking better than ever.

As this is a re­release, the writers have not changed the story, but this is not to say it is the same game. The designers have significantly improved the graphics to match the quality standards of next generation consoles. Even the sound and some of the physics have been re­worked to run more smoothly.

The game follows the story of a royal body­guard named Corvo Attano who is framed for the murder of the empress and the kidnapping of her daughter, Emily Kaldwell. Corvo must then join a group of rebels to find and kill the men responsible for the actual murder of the empress that he swore to protect. This thrilling tale is set in an alternate universe where the plague is still in full swing and whale oil is the primary source of power. Diseased rats and infected zombie­like citizens called Weepers roam the streets, killing and consuming anything with a pulse. This, along with the squadrons of soldiers, guards and hyper­religious “Overseers,” make navigating the streets of Dunwall quite an arduous experience.

As far as reasons to buy the list is long. This games story is an enthralling epic that tells a new story, which is all too rare in this day and age of video gaming. The combat is smooth and gives room for much diversity in gameplay. If you’re a fan of stealth games it is perfectly possible, and rewarded to avoid combat altogether. If you like hacking, slashing and shooting you can certainly slit throats and explode brains to your heart’s content. Choice is an integral part of the game; every mission, every kill, every step you take should be calculated ahead of time as everything you do has a consequence. This offers a way to feel your impact in the game and really feel as though you matter to the world it takes place in. On the other hand this sort of constant calculation can cause you to get stuck in your own head and at times will make it hard to truly appreciate the game for its visuals and other great aspects of gameplay.

A major downfall of the game is its representation of women; the main female character is a helpless child and the only other females to appear are maids, in French maid outfits of course, and prostitutes. This representation is a major issue with video games today and is something that consistently bothers me when playing some of my favorite games.

The definitive edition does many things right but it’s not explicitly a “must have” for fans of the series. If you have not experienced this game in all its glory, this is a great time to get the graphically revamped version, as it will give great depth to the story. But for those who have already enjoyed the great characters, thick plot and wonderful art, the only real advantage

to this edition would be to experience it all over again with a fresh coat of paint.