Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Features Editor

Aries: Opportunities that were once dreams are within your reach. Stretch out of your comfort zones and gravitate towards the star you’ve been wishing upon.

Taurus: Forgiveness opens the heart to receive joy. It’s not about being the bigger person. It’s about realizing each person has an equally complex and vivid journey on Earth. We are all bound to make mistakes.

Gemini: The mind escapes the rhythm of the heart. Live in the opposite of love and experience anger, jealousy, regret, greed and inferiority. But don’t sink into the dark emotions, let it pass; there is more to gain.

Cancer: The answer to your question is not folded up in an unopened fortune cookie. Boomerang consciousness and wait for the answer to hit. The world has a funny way of showing truth.

Leo: Know when to let others take the spotlight. Don’t use the fire you possess to burn down half of California like the wildfires. Find a solution for the attention your ego seeks.

Virgo: Humans have a gift for imagination. Use this power to create a wondrous place where you can relax. Don’t let unmanaged stress cause havoc.

Libra: Sometimes the illusion of always desiring balance backfires. Don’t be apathetic when analyzing opposing arguments.

Scorpio: Temptation taunts the time it takes to tell your eternal conflict, not today. Emerge dejected from distractions and jump out of your jitters.

Sagittarius: Keep up the confidence. You will capture contentness if you stay secure. A recent defeat of humiliation has been relieved; enjoy the refreshment.

Capricorn: Leave tripping out to the burners headed to the desert. Make sure what you put in your body will benefit your mental and physical health. Your confusion and anxiety will cease if you do.

Aquarius: People appreciate your ability to bring groups together. Even if it feels like what you do goes unnoticed, it doesn’t.

Pisces: A situation is in need of your candor. If you fear that brutal honesty will shake up a scene, you’re correct, but in the end laughter will be shared.