Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, A&E Editor

Aries: A new wave of stability washes over your life. Bathe in the calm charm you feel that was once strained. People appreciate your cool vibes.


Taurus: Make alone time to contemplate thoughts and clear away anticipation of the unknown. Filtered emotions will enforce a new perspective.


Gemini: Take a picture; it will last as long as a day. Then there will be more in the Instagram feed. Emphasis is placed in moments so seize them.


Cancer: Silence can be as loud as speech. Don’t expect people to know what bothers you or what you are thinking. Speak your truth wisely.


Leo: There is no room on this Earth for people who put others down. If I had it my way we would send them all to colonize Mars. Watch out!


Virgo: Selfishness is OK if it is required for survival, but lately you haven’t been considerate of others. Do you like who you see when you look in the mirror?


Libra: Express your creative side and make art. Without a definite outlet your ideas start to drown in your mind; manifest them instead.


Scorpio: Concrete consciousness seeps into a stale outlook. Don’t let fear sour and inhibit your ability to change and grow your mind.


Sagittarius: Maintain your momentum. Lately you’ve lived life courageously and humbly, aligned with your inner truth. Your passion will spread through the enthusiasm others see in you.


Capricorn: A tornado full of love just swirled into your life and destroyed the pain that once kept you up at night. Cherish and nurture your newfound affection.


Aquarius: A certain sense of clarity will appear after ridicule of yourself ends. Impose positivity on your life, and believe you are worthy.


Pisces: Stop having shower sex; you’re not helping the drought. Be resourceful, honor your environment and always use protection.