Florence, New York, Santa Rosa: Four different pizza restaurants provide a plethora of options

Devin Schwarz, Staff Writer

Bread, cheese and sauce: there’s no better combination. Pizza has stood as a staple of American cuisine almost since its arrival in the late 19th century. Here are four Santa Rosa pizza joints that are a slice above average.

Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Price $$$

53 Montgomery Dr.

Traditional Italian dining with a chic twist exists no more than two miles away from Santa Rosa Junior College at Rosso Pizzeria. An immaculate open kitchen, divided between hot and cold prep, draws the eye upon entering Rosso.

The food is a mix between classic and hip with the popular margherita pizza made with, tomato, basil, and mozzarella; offered with or without chicken liver as a topping. The house-made Caesar salad dotted with chili paste is another must-have.

If you have time and money Rosso is a must-visit for a date night, a friends night out or a simple night of delicious food and classy drinking.

NY Pie

Price $$

65 Brookwood Ave.

If you enjoy friendly service, good company and delicious New York style pizza, you’ll feel right at home at NY Pie. New York pizza is similar to Italian style in that it has a thin stone-baked crust; the difference is New York often serves their pizza in large slices that must be folded down to a reasonable size. Located around the corner from Rosso, this place is an easy trip from downtown or SRJC.

While you may not find a wide variety of high-end wines here, you will still enjoy delicious pizza. The menu is simplistic; a selection of “favorites,” such as Manhattan or Central Park make for quick ordering, but custom orders are also an option.

Joey’s Original Pizza

Price $$

727 Mendocino Ave.

Joey’s strives to offer high quality and good prices to a variety of guests, it’s an awesome spot for any meal of the day. Only a stone’s throw from SRJC, this is a great place for a leisurely lunch in that weird three-hour gap between classes.

Joey’s menu also has a series of “originals” such as the Mendo Monster or Mario D’s Neapolitan. There’s also a unique variety of toppings to help you make every order unique. Joey’s Original Pizza has not revolutionized the industry or brought pizza into the modern age; they have simply taken a classic and perfected it. If you’re looking for true, American pizza, look no further then Joey’s.


Price $

2280 Mendocino Ave.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Pieology, part of a chain of restaurants popular in Southern California and the South Bay that recently graced SRJC with a new location just down the road.

Pieology offers “Subway-style” ordering with your choice of seven different sauces, six cheeses, seven meats and 15 different fresh ingredients. This allows for a unique sort of customization not often found in most restaurants. The employees boast that every order will be complete in fewer than five minutes.

Although Pieology is part of a corporation, it deserves merit. It’s a unique, fresh take on pizza and it offers great choice for picky eaters.