Haley Bollinger, A&E Editor

Aries: – East, south, north or west? Left or right? Back or forward? Follow new directions because it’s time to move on. Limitations are illusions.


Taurus: – Slowly moving into the shallow end of a pool appears to be easier, but jumping into the deep end headfirst is a better choice. Dive into your fears and you’ll soon be comfortable in the unknown.


Gemini: – Your childhood picture is framed and sits on your parents’ mantle. Make yourself proud by adding a new picture. More people than you realize care about your achievements.


Cancer: – Spring is close but, ironically, hibernating seems suitable right now. Create an exercise routine and you’ll feel fit and full of newfound energy; the couch is not your friend right now.


Leo: – Release your anger without your scorching wit. Or buy a ticket to Burning Man and watch the man burn with the other pyros and hippies attending — it may vibe some calm into you too.


Virgo: – Think thrice before bad logic deludes you into believing what happens to someone else could never happen to you. Advice is a suggestion but comes from experience; maybe take it once in a while.


Libra: – Pebbles skip across a frozen sea. Jealousy is tearing your heart of desire. Take ahold of your manic frustrations before a bridge that was meant to be crossed burns and creates a new destiny.


Scorpio: – Peace is confusing because it implies a utopia. But peace doesn’t occur without a fight. Duel with life and destroy your struggles; peace is waiting after the destruction.


Sagittarius: – Being caught in a dilemma is like being stuck at a red light. Don’t run the light and catch a ticket, wait your turn and you’ll be at your destination soon.


Capricorn: – Don’t overwhelm yourself with worries that aren’t going to be earthshaking in the long run. Ground yourself in the present to focus on what matters.


Aquarius: – Relax, unwind, go to a garden shop and play with the wind chimes. While you’re there, buy a plant and watch it grow. Seeing something develop overtime helps keep with life’s flow.


Pisces: – Illuminate the positive thoughts you possess. Detach yourself from the demands blocking your perception and clogging the formation of resolutions.