Listicle of local live music for the masses


Kyle R. Schmidt

“Burn the Ruin” plays an act ridden with intensity at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma.

Kyle Schmidt, Staff Writer

With the progression of online streaming music and its ease of accessibility, students desire to hear their beloved music live in-person. The only problem is the lack of areas and events in Sonoma County to go without finding a shabby song shack of ol’ hillbilly harmonies. This list will be used to guide you to the versatile selection of music venues and upcoming events often desired by young and older students, unless you like hillbilly harmonies of course:

BottleRock Napa Valley (Festival):

If you’re looking for a grand celebration of musical performances, an impressive lineup commences at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds including: Cage the Elephant, Imagine Dragons, Snoop Dogg and Foster the People on May 29-31. The three-day event hosts portable wineries and breweries serving all the beer and wine you can afford with the accommodation of various food concessions. Tickets are purchased online at

The Phoenix Theatre:

Into the hard rock punk-scene? In the heart of Petaluma on Washington Street lies The Phoenix Theatre playing hard rock and hip-hop variations by new and young bands. Most performances are available to all ages and are shown almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Many shows are free or sold at a low price of $10. Visit for more information.

Mcnear’s Mystic Theatre:

If you want to hear the greatest classics the Mystic Theatre offers numerous tribute bands in genres like reggae, hip-hop, rock, R&B and more, portraying bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Independent bands can also be seen at the Mystic Theatre as well film festivals. However, most shows generally require a minimum age of 21. Visit for more information.

Hopmonk Tavern:

Sometimes, a soothing environment and a relaxing atmosphere is all you need. If you’re interested in the folk and reggae genre, the Hopmonk Tavern is the place for you, located in three different locations: Sebastopol, Novato and Sonoma. Its warm and comfortable environment is perfect for artists to create their craft with a cold beverage. Visit for more information.

Spancky’s Bar:

Spancky’s adaptive venue provides many musical admirers with a local DJ every Thursday and a comedy open-mic night every Wednesday. Spancky’s Bar serves as a thrilling musical epicenter for many blues lovers and Saturday hard rock concert goers. In downtown Cotati, Spancky’s Bar has a wonderful atmosphere and venue for those who are curious. Visit for more information.