Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, A&E Editor

Aries: Expect a surprise. Don’t be shocked if you say or do something out of the ordinary in response. Uranus possesses an energy that will wake you up and force you out of the rut you’ve been in. Shake it off, just not like Taylor Swift, please.

Taurus: Worry creates worry. It’s a great strength to learn to refocus confused energy and practice gratitude. Trust whatever happens, because this is the universe teaching you something.

Gemini: Feed the side of your personality that loves new experiences. Geminis excel in activities involving talking, writing and entertaining. Your nature is changeable; embrace it.

Cancer: The moon brings up emotions that seem stronger than usual. Feelings you haven’t been conscious of in years are present and will inspire you to change your outlook about the past.

Leo: Life is currently full of good fortune. With Jupiter hanging around for the next week you will have a flow of prosperity. Both monetarily and spiritually, use this abundance for the greater good and don’t overindulge – it won’t last forever.

Virgo: Mercury in retrograde gives an opportunity to revise and refine your dreams and directions. Look at life with a less egotistical perspective and a detached view. In the search of change you’ll be refreshed by truly understanding what’s important.

Libra: Stress and pain are necessary for growth, but these emotions have overcome you and no longer serve a purpose. Let them go and take a long steamy shower – or maybe not, we are still in a drought.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio you are a natural detective. Whether you’re seeking a situation, or it comes into your life by chance, use your ability to uncover the situation with the right words. Don’t be relentless if it doesn’t go your way.

Sagittarius: Saturn swirls in your aspect and is inviting you to look at your limitations. Rewire, rewind, retract and figure out what’s holding you back. Escape the quicksand before it swallows your hopes and dreams, the jungle of life is waiting to be explored.

Capricorn: Life and time are loopy. Right now you’re spinning around a lesson you need to look at until your response aligns with the truth. Keep circling until you twirl with the proper flow.

Aquarius: Brain cells die and regenerate, but don’t burn them all out. The sun is flaming in your aspect and your ego is running wild. Check yourself before you end up checking into rehab.

Pisces: Wow! Venus, Mars, and Neptune are all buddied-up in your aspect. Use the harmony Venus brings and the confidence of Mars to spread the compassion Neptune is building inside. Reflect the positive energy onto others and your enthusiasm will go far.