Food on foot near SRJC

Devin Schwarz, Staff Writer

For many college students sitting down and enjoying a meal is a luxury that is far out of reach. Luckily for students at Santa Rosa Junior College we have wonderful establishments that allow a fast food experience without the fast food regret.

If you’re an Asian food junkie like me you probably already know of Silver Moon, the Chinese fast food restaurant that fits nicely into the college strip mall and has been fitting nicely there for 23 years. While this may not be the healthiest choice, it is cost effective, fast and easy to take with you.

Yng Li, an employee at the establishment, when asked to describe the restaurant to someone new said, “Simple, easy and fast.”

The most popular dish served at Silver Moon is teriyaki chicken, kept warm in a dark sauce that must hold the secrets to the universe. This delectable choice is sure to please everyone who tries it.

Another great thing about Silver Moon is the price; due to its large menu there are options to fit anyone’s budget, and more importantly anyone’s appetite. Whether you want an individual portion of food starting at around $3 or a full meal with an entrée and two sides starting at $8, there is something for you here.

But keep in mind if you’re a health nut this grease laden MSG-fest is not for you.

I also asked Yng Li why she was in the food industry, to which she replied, “To make a living.” After a few jokes she added “and for the joy of service.”

Not into chewy noodles and chicken fat and still aren’t watching your weight? You can go next door to the Sebastopol-born favorite, Mombo’s Pizza. Another efficient choice for the broke college kid, this place gives quality and quantity for its price.

SRJC student Ginger Nelson, 18, described Mombo’s in three words: “Delicious, friendly, quick.”

This amazing homemade experience does however come at the obvious cost of heart health and the oddly-unique cost of options. When you think of a pizza place you think of choices, but if you’re looking for a one-slice-out-the-door experience at Mombo’s, your choices are pretty limited. Often there is an option of pepperoni, cheese and one topping-laden special; such as vegetarian or Hawaiian- but this is it.

The workers are glad to add to a slice of cheese but will charge you a dollar extra for each topping added. With a price range that begins at $3 a slice these additions can add up quickly. This limits the few toppings options available if one is on a budget and narrows their market to people who like one-topping pizza.

If you’re looking for ultimate choice and availability of healthy options look no further than my No. 1 pick for food near SRJC, Ike’s Delicatessen. A menu consisting of over 40 choices and a vegetarian menu that is as large as it is delicious, Ike’s takes the cake, or fresh-baked Dutch crunch rather, as my favorite eatery in SRJC’s area. Ike’s also offers a number of free and premium toppings addable to any sandwich, which extends the menu choices tenfold and allows for numerous customization options. Jeff Jackson, a cook at Ike’s who has been working for the establishment for over two years describes the experience of Ike’s as “most unique and over the top, yet refined at the same time.”

But this grandeur does not come without a price, in this case literally, Ike’s sandwiches range from $8-$12 dollars and can be a hard place to enjoy regularly on a college student budget, but I would argue you get your money’s worth in quality as well as sustenance.