Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries:  The fan of your life cycles at high speed. Turn off the constant spin and reward yourself for your achievements. See a new movie, go out with a friend or enjoy a relaxing day in nature. 

Taurus: Quiet time will reveal what stagnant aspects of your life no longer deserve your energy. Remember which core characteristics possess the power to show what passions lie within yourself.

Gemini: The trudge up a mountain may seem daunting, but the only excuse to quit halfway is an asthma attack. Keep climbing to the top; beauty and positivity will swirl through your consciousness when you arrive.

Cancer: Pilgrims and Indians were not best buds, even if elementary school history tries to convince you otherwise. Look for the dishonest parts that plague existence and seek truth both in the world and inside your soul.

Leo:    When was the last time you gazed into the night sky? Take a step back from electronics and remember that this magnificent planet spins though space. Ponder in awe at this wonder and contemplate the age-old question of why we are here.

Virgo:  Some are entertained by others’ misfortune, but the one experiencing the burden wants to find peace. Hold on tight to those who love you, and don’t let the ones who judge disappoint your reality.

Libra:  Create a routine that frees bad habits from everyday life. Plant personal goals and grow in a garden that produces positive outcomes rather than regret.

Scorpio: Disappointments harbor resentments. Forgive whatever situation, person or place causing confusion. Saturn inhabits your aspect and questions limitations.

Sagittarius: When the mind engulfs itself in negativity, a jaded awareness follows. Do all that seems impossible and push through buffoonish self-imposed imprisonment and self-doubt.

Capricorn:  Life has just dealt you a royal flush. To keep feeling like a queen or king, stay grateful for your current blessings and the good times will turn grand. No joker will bring you down right now.

Aquarius:  Create instead of complaining. The potential your mind holds is insurmountable. Don’t play the victim in life, take responsibility for your actions and allow them to inspire future endeavors.

Pisces: Being homeless and more concerned about the next high than the next meal is a reality many face.  Your emotional nature retains its desire to help others. Pursue this piece of your personality.