Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: Control and authority coexist as a facade. Think about everyone involved. You may feel underappreciated but there are ways to boost your self-worth without destroying your integrity.

Taurus: Clichés are corny but correct, and they keep life uncomplicated. Stop overanalyzing everything, unless you are working on philosophy homework.

Gemini: Utilize your gifts. Some veer off the path and create bombs; others grow gardens and fill bellies. Build or destroy, it’s in our nature. Which trail will you choose?

Cancer: Celebrate, anticipate, create and bake a cake. Swing from the chandelier this month. Life is a ball. You deserve a break.

Leo: Life is a contradiction. Read some fiction. Escape into a story and remind yourself of the fantasy that waits inside your imagination.

Virgo: Why you got to be like that? You don’t have to be like that. Love yourself. Be strong and good things will happen.

Libra: Do you have a temperature? Have you traveled through a major airport or been to Africa lately? Others are suffering right now. Spread awareness, not fear.

Scorpio: Life is not a cup of tea, it’s coffee spilt all over your pants, it’s beer, wine and romance, soda pop with a smile on your face, hot chocolate next to the fire place, water cupped in your hand from a river tame, and ateaspoon of rainbow after a cleansing rain.

Sagittarius: Surprising yourself feels amazing, except if you left a science experiment in the backseat of your car. Don’t forget about the small things.

Capricorn: Certain circumstances are making you squirm. You feel like a wiggle worm. Slide into a safe mound of dirt and think about what you are grateful for. It will calm your nerves.

Aquarius: Not knowing the answer is like not knowing the definition of a word. You must use your sources and look for it. Confusion can be frustrating, but in the end you may have an answer you never knew.

Pisces: A slice to the flesh can hurt like hell, but hell is a state of mind. Wounds heal with time or stitches. Be patient, the universe is not out to trap you.