Haley Elizabeth Bollinger , Staff Writer

Aries: Take time to relax and rejuvenate before stress takes its toll and you shut down like the U.S. government. The Earth will spin on without you.

Taurus: Recognize what dilutes your productivity and motivation. Self-change comes from inner strength and a willingness to be brave by turning onto a road you have never traveled.

Gemini: Win or lose, there will be another game. Obsessing about the final score derails you from enjoying the experience. Be a team player, not a poor sport. No one enjoys a whiner.

Cancer: Just like yawns are contagious, so is energy. You might not consider how your attitude affects others but participating in life with a positive outlook will attract positive outcomes for you and others.

Leo: Old routines with new perspectives can feel empty. Take the trash out of your life and you can explore what else interests you. Join a club, experience new foods, play a sport you have always wanted to try; life is too short for should-have could-haves.

Virgo:  Only boring people become bored. That saying is annoying like a mother nagging at you. Seduce yourself and be your own buddy. If you follow this path, your boredom will cease to exist.

Libra: You probably feel like you are a few cherries short of an apple pie. Lay off the margaritas and study before your fruitful fortune crumbles and you have no place to go.

Scorpio: Finishing a chapter in a book leaves you with a certain kind of sadness, but the next chapter begins and the excitement continues. At first change will make you uncomfortable; embrace the mysterious nevertheless.

Sagittarius: Your true nature epitomizes what it means to be fierce. Use your charm and wit for the greater good. You will never truly know how the fires you create influence the universe.

Capricorn: The moon is in your aspect. Your emotions are influencing others, as the tides of your opinions are creating waves of self-introspection. Your playful nature will keep you sane. You survived puberty; you will survive the flux you are experiencing too.

Aquarius: Trying to play baseball with a football will only frustrate you. You tend to gravitate toward the negative. It is part of your personality to point out wrongs in our society. Use your words wisely and the proper results will prevail.

Pisces: You cannot turn back time. Cher wrote a fantastic song about the matter. Stay in the now and keep trekking. When a time machine is available to the public, the universe will let you know.