Webcomics for beginners [Review]

Arthur Gonzalez-Martin, Staff Writer

Do you love comic books and manga but can’t afford to keep up with your favorite characters? Here are the top five free webcomics that you can read right now.

#5: Looking For Group (LFG)

A heroic elven hunter, his kill-happy undead warlock friend and an ill-tempered priestess head on a straightforward generic fantasy quest based off of World of Warcraft. It grows into an epic adventure, from time travel to stopping an evil empire from invading a long-lost city. It’s got enough action and humor to last anyone for a good long while. Visit http://www.lfgcomic.com/.

#4: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Doctor McNinja is a doctor of medicine, who also happens to be a ninja from a proud Irish ninja clan that hates his choice of profession. The story follows him dealing with everything from unruly patients to evil fast food chains to meatheads with organic jetpacks to dinosaurs…lots of them. It has a semi-realistic art style, which goes hand-in-hand with the tongue-in-cheek writing style. Visit www.drmcninja.com.

#3: Grrl Power

Newly-recruited super heroine Halo is a comic book nerd and comic shop owner whose powers must remain a secret. After a bank robbery gone wrong, it’s up to the first mostly-female superhero team to save the day. A great read that pokes fun at the superhero genre. Visit www.grrlpowercomic.com.

#2: VG Cats

As the name implies, it is about two video game playing cartoon cats, with video game spoofs from time to time. It’s more of an online comic strip than a comic book. Something akin to “The Odd Couple” or “Seinfeld” if they were about hard core gamers going back in time to stop one of the cats from being born out of annoyance from poorly made gamer jokes. Visit www.vgcats.com.

#1: Eldritch

A young art major named Faith gets attacked by a werewolf and – you guessed it – she becomes one. She tries to find the werewolf that bit her while dealing with Saint Francis-based cultists and finding out most of her friends are supernatural critters as well. Visit eldritchcomic.blogspot.com.