Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: White men imposing ideas and culture on others was so last-century. Everyone possesses a concept of reality as valid as the next, except for fellows like Hitler.

Taurus: You are definitely not a boring person. People are just accustomed to being zombies on occasion, and like easy entertainment. Do not take rejection personally; people reject themselves without even knowing.

Gemini: Individuals talk about willpower; in reality, sometimes “won’t power” wins in the long run. Transforming negative behavior into positive habits requires you to realize what not to do.

Cancer: Humans are pack animals. Make time for your friends and enjoy whatever group suits your interest. Being around like-minded people will empower you.

Leo: If you think you are odd, imagine how rigid it would be if you were even! Together we form an unusual algorithm as a species. Be even or odd. We need both.

Virgo: We are one. Energy connects. Measured, yet far too complex to truly understand. Are you imagining exploring space now? I hear there should be tours by 2020.

Libra: When life gives a wondrous illusion of steadiness, it will usually at that point explode all over again and continue to confuse you. Dust sparkles as the winds of time elude choices.

Scorpio: Art takes fresh forms when left alone. Expressing yourself through different mediums might be your new forté. Destroy negative perceptions and water your soul. The wilt will end.

Sagittarius: A solid belly laugh will invigorate your senses and keep you earnestly eager for more. Make time to explore what you find funny. If that does not work, there are always cat videos on the Internet.

Capricorn: Connect with your creative side. All-encompassing self-loathing only causes clutter and late papers. Let go of self-judgment and free your mind, and the rest will follow.

Aquarius: You’ll never need to fear an army of llamas bent on conquest, unless your imagination holds you hostage or you really mess up on your adventures! Keep it fresh, my friend.

Pisces: A tadpole must survive their delicate state in the pond before metamorphosis occurs and they grow into a frog. Keep swimming and enjoy the transformation; you will be leaping onto lily pads in no time.