Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: Don’t bother explaining yourself to others, or worry about how others perceive you. Most people are initially just as nervous to speak and interact with you as you are with them. Spark up a conversation and build a little confidence. New friendships are waiting for you.


Taurus: The bull is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. Even if something is not working, a Taurus is likely to keep beating a dead horse until exhausted and forced to move on. Change is the arrow that pierces life. Don’t force what you think needs to happen.


Gemini: Did you cry recently over a commercial about abused pets? Usually that wouldn’t faze you, but the moon creates emotions unlike any other influence. Cry it out. Release the stress. Once you wash away negative energy, it clears space for positive energy to enter.


Cancer: There are many different ways to achieve success without being miserable. Plan your life around your passions; it’s important to feed your soul. Don’t let someone else pave your path unless you have that kind of money.


Leo: Go to a campground. Find kindling for a fire. Arrange the wood into a tepee, pour lighter fluid on the pile and let it burn; creating flames requires steps. You could be missing an important part. Figure out what is missing; just don’t cause a wildfire when you do. It’s always a fabulous occasion until a Homo sapiens is injured.


Virgo: Pay attention to detail. Would you have been one of the people who did not rewind their VHS tapes after rental? Or are you the type of person that doesn’t take the lint out of the dryer, or change the roll of toilet paper? The most trivial things make a difference.


Libra: Excel in what brings you enlightenment. Your mind craves more information to illuminate your existence and fuel new ideas. Do not do anything impossible though, like a dyslexic person trying to write and publish a book without an editor.


Scorpio: Brace yourself. Saturn is in retrograde and resting in your aspect. Usually Saturn influences practicality and reveals honest limitations, but higher levels of vulnerability are occurring; do not let them lead to emotional insecurity. You are fabulous.


Sagittarius: Roosters crow in the morning. Do not forget your coffee. You will need it to keep that cockiness you have going that demands authority lately. You motivate others when you feel at your best.


Capricorn: You might be at the end of a road you still want to travel. Shifting directions right now might be confusing. You may think this road will lead you home, but it’s a dead end. Force yourself to move in a new direction. It is the best option.


Aquarius: Organize and categorize early on so later you will have all the information you need to make quick decisions. Good energy is with you. If you feel tension building, make sure you are not taking on too much.


Pisces: Being uptight about revamping something and going over old ground is not the correct attitude. When you read over and correct your work, only improvements can be expected. Strive to do your greatest. In the end you will see the benefits.