Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer


Aries: Staying focused is of vital importance. Do your best and take yourself seriously. Not all tasks can be finished alone. Do not be afraid to ask a friend for help.


Taurus: A bizarre situation will enter your life. You may not be able to control your emotions surrounding the event but you can choose to view circumstances from a different point of view. It will ease confusion.


Gemini: Opportunities are flying by. The path may look foggy. Bring a flashlight. Brighten your way by trying new hobbies. You never know what talents lay dormant.


Cancer:  You might be daydreaming more than usual. Take time for yourself. A break from your routine is needed. Try a new restaurant or go for a hike on a trail you have never traveled.


Leo: Do not make a molehill into a mountain. Life is disappointing on occasion. Do not let negativity encourage you to give up on your goals and ambitions.


Virgo: Criticism turns into nitpicking when you over analyze. You have legitimate concerns but they can be expressed gently. Sometimes it is best to move on from a situation and appreciated the lessons you learned.


Libra:  Balance your school and social lives. Stick to your studies and reward yourself by hanging out with friends after. Interruptions will appear, make your priorities clear.


Scorpio:  Let your imagination go wild. Create time for art. Right now is the time to use open communication in your closest relationships. You will experience less confusion and your intuition will grow with every honest interaction.


Sagittarius: The best information comes your way if you attract it. Do not speculate and spread unneeded gossip without knowing all the facts. What needs to be in your life is already provided. Consider your wants and needs.


Capricorn:  Seek out what inspires you; it will bring a fresh perspective around defeating tough obstacles. Explore innovative options that you would typically dismiss.


Aquarius:  Be mindful of your spending habits. Saving regularly will save you if you encounter a catastrophic event. Or you will have a little extra cushion for that summer vacation you desire.


Pisces: Wanderlust is your middle name. Schedule a day trip to the beach with friends; go for a weekend adventure to see family you miss. Time out of your daily routine is as refreshing as a dip in the sea.