Haley Elizabeth Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: Mercury, the sun and Uranus are proving to be a triple threat. The energy induced highlights the ego, which wants to self-express. Commitment to a personal identity is a need in this aspect. It is okay to be pompous on occasion. Have fun!

Taurus: Geography has always subtly influenced our perception. Natural instincts  exist without  boundaries; aboriginal societies share astronomy,  singing and  dancing. Appreciate our species’ history. We are a pretty weird bunch.

Gemini: Life mimics music, with lyrics to be shared. Rhythms and melodies blend together on the wind in endless harmony. Take up the chorus: speak verses of opinion and transmit songs of liberation. Spring up this spring; bounce in life’s music.

Cancer: As the most nurturing sign in the zodiac, Cancerians usually create safe nests for themselves and naturally flock together to help others. With Jupiter’s influence in flight, a positive improvement is on the horizon. Pay attention and show gratitude.

Leo:  You are probably fatigued and lack interest in small talk. The moon creates an emotional and moody mindset, but do not let it hold you up. It’s time for an excursion; focus on the small details that hold a trip together because life definitely is one.

Virgo: Pure beauty is simply someone smiling while enjoying their favorite hobby. Incorporate your talents and hobbies into your life and work on improving them every day. Success follows hard-working people who fail many times before they hear the applause of their peers.

Libra:  When Mars attacks, join it. Your uplifting confidence and energy is contagious and should be making you feel as relaxed as Willie Nelson. Take this time and feel the high that life gives, but don’t just settle for the easy way out—aim for greatness.

Scorpio: Doggone it, sometimes love is rough. Kittens and puppies make for new best friends and are overflowing at shelters this time of year. Look around to see  abundance seeping into your reality. Revise your thinking about what’s practical and don’t limit yourself.

Sagittarius: You live passionately through your personal philosophies. You want to express to others what you have been taught during your journey to find truth. You are in first place. Keep it at that pace. But remember: it’s always better to outdo yourself than others.

Capricorn: The cosmic irony of life is there’s no god to which we can ask for satisfaction. If there is, (s)he is laughing at us like a professor who stumped his students. Respect other’s views, enlighten yourself and joke about the unknown.

Aquarius: External approval is temporary; do not worry about others’ judgment.  Relish the accomplishments that allow you to develop your life. If you overthink things you will leap to too many conclusions.

Pisces: Neptune’s influence should make you feel at home, considering it’s your ruling planet. You are alive with compassion. Venus also brings harmony, a nice change from the tsunami you just encountered. There is always calm after the storm.