Haley Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: Step out of your own way: a subtle attitude and compromising with people will eventually lead you where you need to go. Take time to work on your most prized relationships, and wash away negativity from your inner circle.

Taurus: Replace your batteries; hop like a bunny to make an easier transition into new projects and relationships. Taking advantage of your inner desire to adjust may make you give the impression you are challenging or deprived. Development appears in an orderly fashion.

Gemini: You might be feeling scrambled, a faint floating feeling with Jupiter lurking around. You can stay grounded; even if boredom hits, do not make a mistake that might hurt your current flow. If you do not appreciate what is around, life could fall like Rome.

Cancer: Factor in what is fair in life and what is not. What type of hand is dealt? Where? Why? When? To who? How much money? All these variables help flood the continual questions in life. Give yourself a break. Stop being confused and enjoy simple manners. We are all in this together.

Leo: If you feel like half of society takes life too seriously, while the other half is making jokes about the seriousness since it is too painful a of a truth to bear, you are probably correct. Do not let pessimism deplete your ego. We all need to see confidence in people; it comes easier to your true inner self than most.

Virgo: Work hard at working hard to work harder. Reaching your intended goals will only happen if you gain an enthused perspective for life. The imagination and wonder of a child in an adult body may be the best goal for you to tackle during this next aspect. Attend to your inner child to feel less chained down to the mechanical ways life can thrust on you.

Libra: Stop testing your compatibility with the toads, always wanting them to become princes. Quit kissing the losers and grow from the tadpole you are into your own beautiful frog. Then find a pond, jump in and enjoy life. Nobody needs a fantasy – reality is more fulfilling.

Scorpio: You should be feeling humorous and relaxed; spending time in a social setting will bring you pleasure. Scout out your favorite buddies and make a night of it. Go to your favorite restaurant, enjoy live music and feed your soul with what you’ve been longing for.

Sagittarius: Introversion will not work for you at this time. Saturn grips your energy – do not let it exhaust you. Being social will help you thrive; activity partners are perfect at this point.

Capricorn: Do not be capricious. Someone or something is challenging your moods. Find a way to incorporate the person or idea into your life. Understanding is half the battle. Cuddle your witty side, the piece of you that allows playfulness, fun and creativity.

Aquarius: Everyday you choose to see your history as it migrates through your mind. The thoughts strain from the crevasses and memories spring out. You are remembering how amazing love feels with Venus influencing your ideas. The love will only lift you above and beyond where you exist. Enjoy.

Pisces: Time for you to jump out of the cloudy fishbowl and into a fully equipped two-story aquarium. Carrying around the weight of another’s world can be daunting, and you will neglect your own habitat. The only healthy option is to dive deep.