Haley Bollinger, Staff Writer

Aries: Don’t fool anyone, especially yourself. Demand all the attention you want, but you are not going to receive devotion in the manner desired. Attend to yourself first; piece together this jigsaw puzzle that is life.

Taurus: Does the flu have you sick? Or is it the entire Valentine’s section at Safeway? Find motivation where you least expect to, it has to be hiding somewhere in the form of inspiration inside that electrifying mind of yours, or maybe inside a fortune cookie.

Gemini: It is time to make big decisions with Jupiter looming on your surface of emotions. Do not hesitate to trust your inner voices, they mean well; even if the change leaves you feeling intimidated you will find a sense of release in the outcome.

Cancer: Walk along an unknown path and lose your way. Not every journey has a destination. Now and then you need personal days, and other times you need personal weeks. Which is it?

Leo: Speak freely and love infinitely, it is your time to shine. Call an old friend or family member and let them know how you feel. In most cases actions speak louder than words, but in this case, your words are overflowing and need to be heard.

Virgo: The cliché goes “old habits die hard,” and this seems to be the case. I’m not an expert or anything, but no money could ever buy you freedom. Liberate yourself from the same system you have been using, it needs to reboot.

Libra: An opportunity may have been missed; many more are headed your way. Swing at the right moment and you will hit a Grand Slam… and if you don’t there is a waitress who can take your order.

Scorpio: Have a heart to heart with yourself, and heal the blockage to begin a new flow. Mimic optimism and tune out pessimism. Turn to nature for a walk to find that inner joy you have been looking for. Or at least go to the gym and reacquaint yourself with the need to move.

Sagittarius: Use dormant talents; do not hide them from yourself.  Saturn will guide you to acquire the time to work on skills, which can help in unveiling your unseen abilities.

Capricorn: Love is a verb. Write a love song, paint an enticing canvass and take a picture of that lonely rose. Occasionally the little pieces of life are overlooked; they hold more meaning than most know. Venus has your back right now; you are capable of finding love in many forms.

Aquarius: You are feeling generous of spirit. Gather around others and spread the delightful vibe you acquire. Position the concepts and ideas that inspire you, the thoughts will create epiphanies.

Pisces: Swim in a school, it is the way of the fish; just remember to not depend entirely on others to feel the joys of the world around you. Take time to notice subtle differences in ordinary situations.