Mombo’s Pizza Review

Domanique Crawford

The homey feel of the place draws you in. Mombo’s Pizza invites you to join in on what your senses are clearly begging for: pizza. The old-school feel, welcoming service and the taste of mouth-watering pizza gives Mombo’s Pizza, a little niche in the wall across from SRJC, a five-star rating.
The simple act of leaving a tip seems to have become a thing of the past. People are not willing to leave one, whether the service was terrific or horrible. Places like Domino’s Pizza add in the tip when you order and take that choice away from the customer. Greeted with smiles, a friendly “Hi, how may I help?” and a fast delivery of the goods, the service at Mombo’s makes you want to hand over your checkbook.
The New York-Style pizza, thin crust cut into big slices for only $3.75, and the variety of choices from pizza to chicken wings, to the four flavors of sorbet tucked away at the side of the counter, attribute to the large number of SRJC college students seen frequenting Mombo’s. Some might be put off by the amount of grease in the pizza, but a pizza would not be true New York-Style without the flavorful grease.
Mombo’s also has a fill-in card that an employee stamps every time a customer orders something from Mombo’s. If you fill out the card, you get one slice free, saving customers a little money. The simple décor of stainless steel and chairs leave customers thinking it is OK to be sloppy, loud and obnoxious without feeling self-conscious because everyone else is doing the same thing.