Sustainability Film Series turns out limited audience

Isabel Johnson, News Editor

A recorded lecture about water conservation by Brock Dolman attracted a limited audience last Thursday at the Bertolini Student Center. The video-lecture was part of the Sustainability Film Series Presented by the Associated Students Programs, the Student Affairs Office and the Center for Student Leadership.

“The Sustainability Film Series’ [purpose] is to work on bringing sustainable education in a fun way to the students and the faculty of Santa Rosa Junior College,” said Jessica Jones, vice president of SRJC’s Santa Rosa campus and president of the SSC.

Dolman spoke in front of a large audience at the 2009 Bioneers conference, describing the ways in which all life depends on water and the ways people can help preserve and protect their local watersheds. Citing poetry, song and science, he attempted to convince his audience that to save any aspect of the environment, they needed to start with water. He used the analogy of each watershed being a lifeboat, and the people who live in it as the crew, Dolman stated they need to step up and batten down the hatches and work as a community to preserve their home.

Students thought that the information presented in the video was nothing new, but they enjoyed Dolman’s lecture. “I definitely liked the message, and the reinforcement; I think that’s really important,” said Gilberto Ramirez, a student enrolled in environmental studies classes. “I thought it was going to be longer, but I enjoyed it.”

Jones felt that the event was a success, and has hopes for a higher turn out at the next film. “We definitely had more students, and that’s exciting.”

The next presentation of the Sustainability Film Festival is “The Future of Food” on Oct. 14, followed by “The Future of Food, Part Two” on Oct. 28 and “An Inconvenient Truth” on Nov. 11. All will be shown at the Bertolini Student Center and start at 5 p.m.